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    What Are Rice Scooters™?

    Rice Scooters™ are fresh snacks made from sustainably-grown, non-GMO Northern California brown rice hand-pressed with veggies, protein and other yummy gluten-free ingredients. Available in "Meatie," and "Veggie" ( all vegan) options, and ranging from 80-160 calories each, they're a perfect snack or mini-meal for anytime, anywhere!

    What does “Sprogs” mean?

    “Sprog” is British slang for kiddo, youngster, rookie. We love the word because we’re building a new kind of food company – one that uses imagination, takes a chance on fresh, naive ideas and dares to act like Sprogs in the best sense of the word. 

    Where did Rice Scooters™ come from?

    I’m an avid cook and our family’s home meals have always centered around fresh, homemade food. Snacks eaten away from home, however, were a different story! As my two kids grew out of babyhood and into walking/talking/snacking monsters, I noticed a constant stream of shelf-stable, packaged foods being mindlessly munched on and slurped at the playground, in the car, on-the-go. Even the "healthy" bars I stocked for my own commute and (never-had-time-for) office lunches started bugging me. Is food that doesn’t go bad (regardless of what the label says) actually good for us? 

    So I started tinkering with one of our favorite family snacks:  fresh brown rice pressed into fun, finger-food shapes. I added veggies and protein to boost flavor and nutrition, experimented far beyond "kid-friendly" flavors and suddenly found myself with a terrific take-anywhere food for Healthy Foodies of all ages!

    What kind of rice do you use?  

    Every Rice Scooter is crafted from partially-milled Northern California brown rice farmed by a fourth generation family farm that uses sustainable farming principles. This particular brown rice is lightly milled to remove the tough outer bran while retaining the nutritious germ. It’s easier to digest than regular brown rice, more nutritious than white rice and (we believe), yummier than both!

    If you look closely photo, you can see the intact germ in every kernel of this beautiful rice.

    Do you eat Rice Scooters™ hot or cold?

    For us, Rice Scooters™ are all about convenience, so we usually eat them on-the-go at room temperature. We have customers who love them hot, cold and anything in between. (Please remove the packaging before heating!)

    Are Rice Scooters™ Gluten Free?

    We use only wheat-free and gluten-free ingredients in all our Rice Scooters™. Because we cook in a shared professional kitchen where other producers may use wheat or other gluten-containing products, we cannot guarantee against airborne or cross-contamination.

    How long can Rice Scooters™ keep outside the refrigerator? 

    If you're taking Rice Scooters™ out for longer than 4 hours, we recommend keeping them in an insulated container.  (In other words, treat Rice Scooters the same way you would handle a fresh sandwich.)

    Aren't Rice Scooters™ just O-nigiri or Musubi?

    We love O-nigiri and Musubi! In fact, we love all the forms of hand-held rice eaten in Asia and around the world – Japanese sushi, Hawaiian musubi, Korean kim bap, Chinese zongzi, Italian arancini, the list goes on... We think of Sprogs Rice Scooters™ as a San Francisco riff on an ancient and terrific food!