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    Thanks for visiting Sprogs!

    We’re a San Francisco food company making Fresh Eats for Healthy Foodies at work, at play and in between. Whether you’re on a long ride or run, shuttling between meetings or play-dates, we want to put fresh, nourishing food right at your fingertips – literally!

    As my kids grew out of babyhood and into walking/talking/snacking monsters, I noticed a constant stream of shelf-stable, packaged foods being mindlessly munched on and slurped at the playground, in the car, on-the-go. Even the "healthy" bars I stocked for my own commute and (never-had-time-for) office lunches started bugging me. Is food that doesn’t go bad good for us?

    I started tinkering with one of our favorite family snacks:  fresh brown rice pressed into fun, finger-food shapes. I added veggies and protein to boost flavor and nutrition, experimented far beyond "kid-friendly" flavors and found myself with a terrific take-anywhere food for Healthy Foodies of all ages!

    Fresh Eats for Healthy Foodies On-The-Move is our company mission and my personal passion. After a decade managing large consumer packaged food brands, I am thrilled (and a little terrified!) to build this small and very personal company based on my own recipes and belief that fresh, delicious food can be convenient and convenient food should be fresh and delicious. 

    By "fresh", I mean really fresh, not marketing fresh!  We shop for and cook fresh ingredients several times a week and hand chop, cook and pack those ingredients into delicious, nourishing food for you to enjoy in a matter of days, not months. We hope our food sparks your palate with authentic, sometimes bold, flavors. Some of our flavors might push the envelope a little (we're talkin' about you, Kale & Kimchee) and we hope you love them as much as we do! 

    And speaking of love, I love hearing from you! What do you eat when you're not cooking at home or dining in a good restaurant? What does fresh mean to you? Send me anything – good, bad, random- you’d like to ask or share.  

    Wishing you Fresh Eats!